Monday, February 25, 2008

Creating the Calendar View

As this calendar contains only taxi bookings entries, the individual items need not be

assigned to a category.

To create this view:

1. Create a new table-type view from the Define Views | New option and name

the view Taxis.

2. In the View Summary dialog box (Customize view in Outlook 2003), click

Fields, and select the fields: Subject, Start, and Contacts, and click OK.

3. We will now create the following three new manual fields using the New

Field tab:





Taxi Co



To enter the name of the Taxi company.




To produce a check to indicate that the taxi

booking has been made.



2 digits

To record the taxi fee obtained from the


4. We will also create the following Formula field:


In the Formula Field window


Pick up time: " & Format([Start],"hh:mm AM/PM")

5. Exit the View Summary and from the Format Columns dialog box rename the

following fields as follows:

Field name

New name






Choose a format that shows the day and date only.

What Just Happened

We have constructed a view that will enable us to view the items in an organized and

logical manner and that will make reconciling the taxi booking accounts much easier.

The only formula field in this view is the Time field and it performs two functions:

Inserting the prefix text Pick up time: before the time

Using the Format function to format the Start field to show the time only as

hours and minutes adding AM or PM as appropriate

How to Use This View

1. Make the entry for the taxi booking in the calendar in the Day/Week/Month


2. Link the entry to the staff member concerned by clicking the Contacts button

at the bottom left on the Appointments form and selecting the staff member

from the Contacts folder.

3. When taxis have been booked, change to the Taxis view of the calendar, and

click the icon in the Booked field.

4. When the invoices are received from the taxi companies, change to the Taxis

view of the calendar to reconcile the bookings that are being invoiced and

enter the charges in the Cost field.


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