Monday, April 28, 2008

How to Customize a group schedule in Outlook

  1. In Calendar, on the Actions menu, click View Group Schedules.
  2. Click the group schedule you want, and then click Open.
  3. Click Options, and then click any of the following:
    • Show Only Working Hours By default, the group calendar displays the working hours you have specified in the Start time and End time boxes in the Calendar Options dialog box (Tools menu, Options command). If you clear the check box next to Show Only Working Hours, you will see all 24 hours of each day when you look at the group calendar.
    • Show Calendar Details By default, the group calendar displays details of all calendar items, unless an item has been marked private by its owner. If you clear the check box next to this option, the calendar will not include any details.
    • Auto Pick Finds available times for all group members.
    • Refresh Free/Busy Connects to the free/busy (free/busy time: In Calendar, time status and user defined labels are indicated by colors and patterns.) server and obtain the latest free/busy information for all group members.

I have to sketch out the details once again before this Monday for a official presentation. But then what i want to share here with you is my experience of sharing the Microsoft Outlook and providing a computer support assistance.